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The top 3 types of videos for video content marketing in 2021

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

We’ve been hearing the news for years now. “Video content is king,” or “video content has the power to help your business grow.” These headlines get you motivated. You say to yourself, “I’m going to make a video today.” But before you’ve even managed to make it to that bright red record button you start to realize the big question:“What kind of video am I making?”

We’ll walk you through the three most important video marketing content categories, their importance, and how to use them. We’ll put a name to the face of the types of videos you’ve seen countless times browsing the web or scrolling on your phone.



Social Media Videos are an extension of your brand. The content you create here comes in various shapes and sizes, but whether it’s a Facebook post or a Tik-Tok post, the goal is to deliver high-quality content that engages your current customer base. Maybe they’ll even share with friends! Just remember friends don’t like sharing ads, so keep the selling far away from your social media feed.

Where to Implement:

There are a variety of ways to implement your Social Media Videos. The most common are short-form social postings on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The variety of formats and lengths in Social Media Videos gives you plenty of room for experimentation.

Our Recommendation:

Social Media Videos are a great option for any company. They can be a great starting point for new companies looking for a grassroots approach to growth.


The big enchiladas in the video content world, Ad Videos, are all about capturing a new audience. These bite-sized videos are aimed at selling your product, service, or idea, to new customers. These videos should hammer down on one selling point at a time, so your audience knows for sure if what you’re selling is right for them.

Where to Implement:

The most common place an Ad Video will be used is right before another content video through google ads. Alternatively, you can also use them on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Our Recommendation:

Like a lot of marketing, ad videos are like science experiments. They take time, testing to get the results you want. If you are just starting out with video, we recommend producing one of the above two video types first, to see what your current audience likes and doesn't like. Getting as much data as you can from your current audience will help you create the best ads to grow that audience.


Brand story videos are kind of like a movie for your brand, often in the style of a documentary or an “explainer” video. They leave an impression on both new and loyal customers. This impression should be focused on the image you want your company to be associated with when brought up in day-to-day conversation.

Where to Implement:

Brand story videos are typically longer in format (2 to 3 minutes in length). This means they are typically best used as videos hosted on your website or YouTube. These videos are great for anchoring to your website or sending to potential investors if your business is seeking funding.

Our Recommendation:

If your company has a strong brand presence and is ready to make a larger investment in video production, then a Branded Video is perfect for you. Otherwise, we recommend keeping it short and sweet with Ad Videos or Social Media Videos.


Having a better understanding of these important building blocks in video content marketing and their uses can help you start making sense of this whole video thing and how it can help your company grow. The good news is the more you experiment with video, the better your results will be. So keep making videos!

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