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Son Of A Saint - 10 Years Of Impact

Client - Son Of A Saint

Son of a Saint provides mentorship, education, recreation, camaraderie, cultural enrichment, emotional support, and helps to fill the void for dozens of fatherless young men in New Orleans.

The Problem 

Son Of A Saint usually has an annual gala in the late fall of each year, but because of the restrictions of Covid 19 last year, they were not able to have one. Without the gala, SOAS would be missing one of their largest opportunities to receive donations. 



Since it was coming up on their 10 anniversary, we proposed to create a "thank you" recap video that featured the most impactful moments the boys experienced in the last 10 years. This video was used in email newsletters as well as social media during the time the gala would normally happen. 


We were able to make this short recap video using mostly old footage that the organization had in their archive including a lot of iPhone footage. The only part that needed to be filmed was the end where the boys thank everyone who contributes to the organization(AKA the doners). 

Check out the video 

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