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Video Production Bootcamp

Learn a DIY approach to video content for your business using your smartphone as your camera

Be your own video producer

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When it comes to creating video content for your business, are you:

  • Not sure where to start?

  • Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on hiring a video production company?

  • Don’t think you have the time? 

If this is you, don't worry! You are in the right place.

How Des It Work VPB

What is the Video Production Bootcamp?

In this five-week course, we teach you the techniques we've learned through 7+ years in the video production industry. You will be using your smartphone to produce a video from start to finish as you learn each production step along the way. By the end of the program, you will be able to produce video content on your own and understand how it’s incorporated into your marketing strategy.

What's included in the program:

5 one-on-one class sessions

Learn from your instructor in real-time with weekly virtual sessions.

Templates and worksheets

Get access to script outlines, strategy blueprints, logistics spreadsheets, and more.

Office hour access to instructor

Get weekly access to your instructor outside of class to ask questions during the duration of the program.

Equipment suggestions

Get advice on what video equipment to purchase for your level of experience. 

phone camera still.png

Empower yourself to press record

We believe that when you gain the confidence to create compelling video content on your own, you continue making videos, and your business keeps growing.

Take the next steps

1. Book your free session

2. Select your payment plan

3. Take the course

Payment Options

One-time payment of:
Four monthly payments of:


Q: What is the time commitment needed each week?

Each class is about 60 to 90 minutes long, and weekly homework assignments take about an hour to complete.

Q: Who is this course for?

The Video Production Bootcamp is for entrepreneurs, marketing managers, social media managers, and sales reps who want video content independence.

Q: What equipment do I need for the course?

Besides your smartphone, it is required that you have a tripod and an on-camera mic or lav mic that will plug into your smartphone. We provide recommended links for tripods, mics, and lights(lights are optional for this program). You will also need software to edit your video. Free software such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker will do the job, but we have a few pro software recommendations too.

Q: What are the specific skills I will learn?

You will learn how to create a video marketing strategy, script writing, video planning, camera techniques, capturing good audio, video editing, and how to effectively post videos online.

Q: How will I feel empowered to continue making videos after completing the course?

We have you come up with a video series that you will start during the course and continue outside of it. This series of videos might be; educating your target audience on your expertise, answering common objections during your sales process, or updating your existing clients on changes to your product or service.


If you are ready to take your marketing to the next level by making compelling videos on your own, book your FREE SESSION with us, and we’ll see you soon. 


Book a free session to find out how
the program can bolster your marketing content.

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