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ARPR - Talent Recruitment Video Series 

Client - ARPR

ARPR is an award-winning tech PR agency at the epicenter of the future of PR. ARPR brings coherence and consistency to the integration of public relations, content marketing, social media, and demand generation. 


The Problem 

Finding talent for any organization is an ongoing process and can be a constant challenge. It’s even more challenging today as Millennials frequently change jobs and Baby Boomers retire. On top of that, we are still dealing with a global pandemic that brings up even more challenges when finding the right talent. 



We proposed to create a series of videos for ARPR that would follow current employees from the junior Level team, middle management team, and senior-level team. When completed, each video would target a specific person with a specific level of experience. 

To do this, we followed the full ARPR team on their mid-year retreat so that we were able to capture their team-building mindset outside of the office. 

Check out the video's 

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