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Fundraising Through The Lens: How video content can boost your non-profit's donations

As a non-profit organization, you rely on donations, grants, and other fundraising efforts to keep things operating and continue positively impacting your community. But, with so many other organizations competing for the same resource, it can take time to stand out. This is where online video marketing can play a huge role.

Video content can communicate your message in a more emotional and compelling way that other types of marketing can’t. When you create videos that tell stories of your non-profit’s impact on your work and the people you serve, you make stronger connections with your audience and inspire them to be a part of your mission.

nonprofit video content for boosting donations

Here are three ways video marketing can improve your non-profit’s fundraising efforts:

  1. An increase in engagement and awareness

Video content posted on multiple platforms, such as social media, websites, and online news pages, gives you the potential to reach more people than other forms of content. The more emotional your video is, the more likely people will engage with it and share it. Therefore, the more shareable your video content is the bigger your chance of capturing potential donors' attention.

2. Build credibility

Video content can help your non-profit show that the proof is in the pudding. You establish trust in the community by telling personal stories of how the organization has impacted lives through your programs and services. Testimonial videos are great for this. When your credibility is high, the chances of donors contributing are also high.

3. Donor retention

When it comes to donations, non-profits rely heavily on recurring donors. By creating videos that tell the stories of how a donor’s contribution has impacted the community you serve, you reinforce why their donation is so important. A video example of this could be an update video on the progress of a recent capital campaign for a project. This video shows exactly how your donor’s contributions are used. When you increase transparency with your donors, they feel more connected to your organization and keep donating.

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