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To help visualize the concepts and learning throughout the course, below are examples of different types of video series across each of the four funnel stages to guide your understanding and spark creativity in your content planning.

Video series types by stage of marketing funnel

Video Types Video Strategy Funnel (3).png

Awareness video example

Canva - Design Stories
(Client Experience Video Series)

This is a great example of a brand using video to highlight their customer's stories. The video focuses on the users success, instead of Canva's success, by showing how the student is able to impact her community by bringing her podcast project to life with Canva. With a strong emotion focus across the entire piece it’s designed to get you to sit up and pay attention. 

Consideration video example

HubSpot - 5 ways to make your cold emails stand out (How-to Video Series)

In this example, Hubspot is educating the viewer about a relevant marketing topic with the goal to provide valuable content to their target audience. By giving constant free value, Hubspot knows they are creating trust with the audience and trust builds relationships. 

Notice, there is no sales pitch at the end. Instead, there is a free downloadable template that allows Hubspot to capture emails from ideal target buyers. This mid-funnel content is perfect for sharing via email, YouTube, re-purposed on to instagram video (secondary platform) or supported by a blog post.

Conversion video example

Urban South Brewery - Paradise Park IPA (FAQ Video Series)

Here is a series of frequently asked questions for one of Urban South Brewery's beers. FAQ videos are highly effective at answering common objections your prospects might have right before buying. They are great for improving conversion rates by placing them on the sales page of a website, e-commerce sites, or including them in a sales email campaign. 

Loyalty video example

Canva - What's New? (Product update video series)

Here is another example from Canva, this time using video to let their current users know what new features are available. Notice, that this video is speaking to an audience who are already customers of Canva. Videos like these help retain your customers and keep them engaged. Just because they have bought from you already doesn't mean the journey stops there!

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